Consulting in legal HR

You can use Azets’ consultants if you have legal challenges in relation to employees and your business - we are strong in terms of tax law and employment law. The Legal Advisory Department is headed by a former lawyer, who gets the law down to eye level by explaining the problem, creating the solution with an action plan and making it easy to relate to and understand.

Accounting advice

Do you have questions in regards to tax and VAT, share trading, company formation, merger or division of companies, change of the board, exemption from audit requirements and other matters in accounting and corporate law? We can advise you and your business and help you make the right decisions.



We help with everyday legal challenges related to employment law, tax law and corporate law.

With Azets, you get advice at the highest possible level - just at a much lower cost. Considering that you usually
get advice on these topics from a lawyer or accountant, then the hourly rate with Azets is approximately one third
below the price you usually pay.

You get advice at the same professional level as with a lawyer or accountant - just at a lot lower cost

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Benefits to you:

  • We help you to get the legal matters to work
  • We deliver the same professional level as lawyers and accountants, just at a lower cost
  • You save money when things are under control
  • With Azets, you get short and accurate answers that are easy to understand

Get advice in legal HR on these topics:

  • Employees from abroad – the 26% rule
  • Advice on tax matters
  • HR due diligence
  • Employment/termination
  • Personnel Law
  • Social security conditions, work and residence permits
  • Preparation of new templates for employment contracts

Get accounting advice on these topics:

  • Company formation
  • Restructuring
  • VAT and taxes
  • End of year accounting
  • Corporate tax
  • Nem ID and digital mailbox
  • Changes to Articles of Association, Board of Directors, Management Board, address, etc.
  • Dissolution of the company
  • Registration of opt in / opt out of audit
  • Economic health check