Be free of all worries

By letting us take care of your payroll administration, you will be free of an administrative challenge and can be 100% sure that your payroll function is running efficiently and on time every time. We have over 100 top professional payroll consultants, who know everything about how a payroll function should be run in the most optimal way.

We recycle and link your data, thus creating the foundation for a smooth, efficient and error-freepayroll administration.

We can help you with, among other things:

  • Collection and preparation of payroll input
  • Salary payment
  • Preparation of pay slips
  • Notifications to SKAT, ATP, pension, etc.
  • Absence management
  • Reimbursement requests
  • E-income and reconciliation
  • Preparation of accounting files and supporting documents
  • Handling and maintenance of payroll and employee master data
  • Process optimization

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“We are sure that payroll payments are correct, timely and that thereports are as they should be.”

We help companies of all sizes and industries with their payroll administration every day.Whether you have 3 or 1000 employees, we can take care of your payroll function.


You can also rent a payroll specialist for a limited time if you want the tasks undertaken at your own address.

We work with all payroll systems
We can work in all the common payroll systems, such as Lessor, Bluegarden systems and Epos Payroll. We can also help you with a new system if you need it.

Payroll is much more than a paycheck
In our payroll administration, we focus on ensuring that all data is easily accessible and can be integrated with your other systems, for example, our financial system. We ensure that payroll reporting reaches all the agreed employees, for example, those needing to follow-up on agreed KPIs, budgeted hours, wages, etc.

Benefits to you

  • You have the guarantee that your payroll will always be done correctly and on time
  • You do not have to worry about holiday pay, pension, reimbursements, etc.
  • No vulnerability in payroll - you never have to worry if payroll staff are on vacation, sick, etc.
  • You get a permanent contact in Azets and a backup team, which is always ready
  • You free up resources and can focus on your core business
  • You will have a professional and experienced partner who is always available for sparring and consulting

Get help optimizing
If you want to take care of your payroll administration yourself, we can help optimize your existing processes and workflows. You get resources freed up and time reduced by up to 30%.

We focus on automating as many processes as possible. We look at how manual processes can be eliminated and strive to create a more flexible and efficient payroll administration.

We optimize your utilization of systems and processes, so data capture only
happens once and is then reused in payroll.