Personal data legislation is not new in Denmark, and compared to existing legislation, the new EU regulation is more of an evolution than a revolution.

The major current interest in this issue is primarily because the framework for fines increases considerably and can represent up to 4% of revenue.



Advice on the Personal Data Act and the Personal Data Regulation

If you need advice on the Personal Data Act and the Personal Data Regulation, we have a team of legal experts in Azets, which can help you become wiser and give you the necessary advice and tools to best prepare you - all in understandable terms.

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Arkivskab vs HR-system

Epos HR is an HR system that supports all processes in your HR work and is a good tool for supporting the Personal Data Act. Epos HR is recommended by Dansk HR

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File cabinet og HR system?
Do you still have large file cabinets filled with contracts, old CVs, miscellaneous attachments and information about your employees?

In order to comply with the Personal Data Act and be ready for the new EU regulation, it’s time to clear up the piles and systematize your data.

The law states, among other things, that:

  • You must be able to document all processes related to personally sensitive information - who has done what with which data and when?
  • You must be able to document that only relevant employees have access to specific personal data – the payroll processor, the HR manager and the team leader should not have access to the same information about employees.

The framework for fines increases considerably and can represent up to 4% of revenue. Get ready for the new Personal Data Regulation now.

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Recruitment - remember to forget!

According to the Personal Data Act, everyone has the right to be forgotten. This means, for example, that all the personal data you collect during a recruitment process must be deleted when you no longer have a reason to store the information - typically when the desired candidate is found.When recruiting, the Data Protection Agency recommends that personal data be deleted within a maximum of 6 months.

With a modern recruitment system, this process can be done automatically, so you remember to delete old data. An automatic notification makes sure you remember when collected data reaches the limit of 6 months.

The EasyCruit recruitment system is a user-friendly online solution that integrates job postings on your website. EasyCruit makes it easy for you to complete a recruitment process within the framework of the Personal Data Act.