Help with annual financial statements and extended tax returns


Annual financial statements are necessary 

As an independent business, you know that recurring tasks such as annual financial statements and tax returns can take many hours out of a busy schedule. We are experienced accounting consultants and help over 750 small businesses with their annual financial statements and tax returns.

The annual accounts help you get an overview of all income and expenditure in your business, creating insight on the direction in which your business is going. At the same time, as an independent business you must ensure that you have the necessary documentation for the Danish Customs and Tax Administration.

When you run your own business, under the Danish Financial Statements Act you are obliged, as a minimum, to prepare annual accounts that show your financial activities during the year. Additionally, you may use your annual financial statements as documentation in dealings with banks, credit institutions and partners.

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Preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns 

For the preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns in a personally owned business, we have an indicative price of DKK 5,200 excl. VAT.


For partnerships, there is an additional fee per partner of DKK 550 excl. VAT.

The price assumes that the material we receive is balanced and divided into proper accounting periods, and that the received annexes are complete.


In connection with start-ups, the following is also required:

  • Acces to finance system
  • Company reg. no. and E-tax code
  • Civil reg. no. and E-tax code

In order to perform the task on a recurring basis, the following is needed each time:

  • Bank statements for the full period in paper form and, ideally, in an Excel file (CSV format)
  • Income receipts for the full period
  • Expense receipts for the full period

What do customers say about our accountants

“... I am a brand new customer and very satisfied with the services you offer, you are patient with my questions. You appear professional and very friendly. I really had a good start as a new Azets customer.” 
- Helle Nielsen, Word Specialisten
“... I am very happy with my accountant, she offers super advice, which is important for me as a new self-employed hairdresser. She seems very competent and is always nice and friendly.” 
- Micha Blaess Møgelbjerg, Selvstændig frisør
“... I give you top marks. You are very professional and reliable, you do the accounts and advise on my various companies. Both consultants are top service providers. Two highly competent people.” 
- Thomas Hornsyld, Direktør, Hornsyld Led Holding ApS

What are annual financial statements?

As the name indicates, annual financial statements have to be prepared once per year. The annual financial statements are where it is possible to see how the year has been overall for your business. The annual financial statements have two main parts: 1) the income statement, which tells how your company's financial resources has been used during the year and 2) the balance sheet, which provides a snapshot of how your company's finances are doing.

If you need help with your annual financial statements, we have a whole team ready to help you. So you can be 100% sure that they are prepared properly from start to finish.

What is a tax return?

As a self-employed person running a business, you are required to fill out a tax return (or, to give it its proper name, an extended tax return). In the tax return, you inform the Danish Customs and Tax Administration how much you have earned, how much you have to pay in tax, what allowances you have, etc. The tax return can be completed electronically via E-tax at

If you are unsure whether you have taken advantage of all your allowances or whether your tax return is filled out correctly, you can get tax return assistance from us. Our professional knowledge and experience is your guarantee that you make optimal use of all your allowances and file a correct tax return.

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