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Making sense of the requirements and regulations of the Danish Customs and Tax Administration that apply to you as an entrepreneur and an independent business can sometimes be difficult. Here are some of the main rules and deadlines.


Get professional help with tax and VAT

If you own a small business, you might need help with tax and VAT. If you want to avoid admonishments and reminders from the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, it is very important to stay on top of your VAT accounts and the tax the company has to pay. But as an independent business, you probably also feel that tax and VAT are among the last things you want to spend your valuable time on.

They just need to be in order! Nevertheless, your VAT and tax accounts may end up taking at least twice as long if you are not in control from the start. It is therefore highly advisable to get professional help with VAT and tax if you do not have the time, inclination or accounting skills yourself.

Important deadlines

Navigating the requirements to which you are subject as an entrepreneur and an independent business can be difficult. When does the VAT have to be paid? How much tax do I have to pay? Is it worth me participating in the business tax scheme or should I start up an ApS?

There can be many questions related to starting up and running a business. We can help you get a good overview.

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What is VAT?

VAT means value added tax and is an additional tax on the sales price of 6%, 12% or 25%. In Denmark, 25% of a product’s or service’s sales price is usually charged as VAT. As a rule, all self-employed people and companies are liable to pay VAT. Very few industries (banking, insurance, health and education) are exempted.

The frequency with which you must settle your VAT depends on your business’s size and turnover. Small businesses with an annual turnover not exceeding DKK 5 million must settle their VAT every 6 months.

Six months goes faster than you think, and for many independent businesses the VAT settlement comes as an unexpected and not particularly welcome task. We help over 750 small businesses with VAT. We have a team of experienced consultants who are particularly passionate about two things: small businesses and accounting.

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The timing of VAT payments depends on your annual turnover. Most new businesses have to pay VAT every six months.

The Danish Customs and Tax Administration automatically changes the accounting period at the end of each year if your company turnover changes. If your turnover exceeds DKK 1 million, you have to pay VAT quarterly. In such cases, a change would take effect for the following year. See more deadlines here on the Danish Customs and Tax Administration’s website

The reporting deadlines for declaration of VAT are set out in the following table:

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VAT Period Reporting deadline Limit

Small businesses


1/3 & 1/9

Annual turnover below DKK 1 million

Medium-sized and newly registered businesses


1 month and 10 days after the end of the quarter.
For the April quarter, however, an extraordinary date of 17 August has been set

Annual Turnover of DKK 1-15 million

Large companies


25 days from the end of the month.

For the month of June, however, an extraordinary date of 17 August has been set

Annual turnover exceeding DKK 15 million



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What is tax?

Tax is our contribution to public services such as health, education and so on. We all have to pay it, and that applies to businesses as well. How much tax you have to pay and how often as an independent business depends on your type of business.

Personally owned companies have to pay tax every month just like a salaried employee. However, you must make sure that you register your expected income, on which tax is then levied. If you have an ApS, you must pay tax on account twice a year, after which you will receive a final bill.

Finding out how and when to pay tax as an independent business can be a jungle, and you also have to remember to make the most of your allowances! If you are unsure and need help with tax, we are standing by.

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