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Travel expenses with zExpense

An intuitive and user-friendly travel expense reimbursement system that makes things easier for the employees who have used their company credit card, the supervisor who approves and the bookkeeper.

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Control of expenses and reimbursement when it suits you - online and offline

With your travel reimbursement app, you can scan any document anytime, anywhere, even if you're offline. As soon as there is an Internet connection, all data is synchronized and it is possible to create receipts, approve employee expenses, etc. Therefore, your smartphone or tablet does not have to be online to scan a document. With zExpense, you always have your expenses and reimbursements at your fingertips, whether you’re sitting on the sofa, in the office or on the train.

Benefits of zExpense

  • You can take a photo of a receipt with your travel reimbursement app
  • A good tool for supporting the GDPR and other legislation
  • You do not need all the paperwork
  • The electronic receipt is automatically linked to the transaction in zExpense
  • A travel expense reimbursement system that is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Your credit card transactions are automatically imported
  • Bookkeeping of reimbursements takes place automatically in the financial and payroll systems
  • zExpense is web-based and can be accessed from all browsers and platforms
  • Documentation of travel and driving allowance for tax authorities

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With zExpense, you are guaranteed easy and lawful documentation of your expenses



In zExpense, you can create a workflow corresponding to what you already have in your business. This means that payments will automatically be sent to the appropriate person for approval – e.g. the manager, the caseworker, etc. The recipient of the reimbursement may be, for example, contingent on the project or case number noted on the receipt.

Reminder function

You can create rules for different activities. For example, your business may have a rule for how long it may be before a reimbursement is approved or rejected. If a manager has not approved/rejected a reimbursement within the stipulated time frame, he/she will automatically receive a reminder. Similarly, rules can be set for how long an employee has to decide on a transaction, for example, one week, after which the employee is reminded.


In zExpense, you can define reports so that you can follow-up on expenses of individual reimbursements. For example, you can see which department is spending the most money on what. You can extract the reports in a graphical layout or transfer the data to Excel.



Depending on the cost category, you can work with different VAT rules and rates in zExpense. Depending on whether there are activities at home or abroad and the type of cost, different VAT rules can be set up.

Reporting to tax authorities

zExpense can automatically report documentation for driving allowance and travel allowance to the tax authorities. Employees' driving and dietary expenses can be transferred directly to the tax authorities every month. That way, you are assured that tax documentation is in order.

Corporate solution

If your business is part of a corporation with multiple companies, then zExpense gives you a travel expense reimbursement system which enables you to work across multiple companies.

With electronic attachments in zExpense the traveller saves time and frustration over missing documents

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