zExpense makes travel settlement easy for everyone

zExpense is an intuitive and user-friendly solution that makes everyday life easier for the employee who has used his/her company credit card, the supervisor who must approve the expense and the bookkeeper who has to post it.

Benefits of zExpense

  • You can take a picture of your receipt with the app
  • You do not need all the paperwork
  • The electronic attachment is automatically linked to the transaction in zExpense
  • Credit card transactions are automatically imported
  • Accounting of expenses is automatic in the finance and payroll system
  • zExpense is web-based and can be accessed from all browsers and platforms

We all know that the handling of travel expenses is a very time-consuming process, both for the person preparing the travel expense report and for the bookkeeping department. A travel settlement system like zExpense helps to smooth and thus streamline this process.