Payroll course in Denmark

Payroll course

Update on the newest rules and legislation

Do you control the payroll in your company? Or could it be nice to keep up with the rules?


Correct payroll processing is important for both employees and the company. That is why we are now offering a course where you can brush up on the rules for payroll processing of vacation, employee benefits and illness.

During the course, you will update your knowledge so you have no doubt about payroll regulations and how they should be handled.

The course addresses:
Payroll bookkeepers, payroll administrators, HR staff and other employees who work daily with payroll and employee relations.

4.700 kr. per person. 
For members of the network Epos the price is 3.500 kr. per. person. 

Time and place
January 31 and April 30  9am to 4pm - Azets’ office in Herlev

February 9 and May 30 9am to 16pm - Azets’ office in Aarhus

It is expected that you are aware of payroll management as it will give you a better understanding of the issues involved.



  • Fundamentals - new employees and resignations
  • B income
  • Death of an employee
  • Total payment (ATP-FiB,, AER, AES)
  • E income, reconciliation of payroll system and finance system
  • Availability days

Employee benefits

  • Reporting
  • Taxation - limits
  • Free car and use of company car
  • Free hosting
  • Tax-free allowances – diets
  • Meal plan
  • Gross salary arrangement
  • Mileage allowance, the 60-day rule



  • Transferred vacation
  • The 20% rule
  • Floating holidays
  • Holiday pay


  • Illness, maternity and other leave
  • Reporting
  • Reimbursement


  • Relocations into and out of Denmark
  • Expenses
  • §48 – arrangement for researchers
  • The Øresund arrangement
  • Pension Taxation Law – brief
  • review - §53A pension
  • Personal data regulation – brief review

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Kim Soetmann - Senior payroll consultant

Kim Soetmann is a Senior Payroll Consultant in Azets. Kim has many years of experience with payroll administration and works daily with payroll processing as well as consulting on payroll matters for private Nordic companies. In particular, Kim has advised on Danish holiday rules and payroll processing in practice.


Shamsa Bashir - Senior payroll consultant

Shamsa has many years of experience with payroll administration including from the temporary industry and works daily with payroll processing for both hourly-waged and salaried employees as well as consulting on payroll matters for Danish companies. In addition to a deep knowledge of numerous labor agreements, Shamsa has in particular worked on relocations to and from Denmark.