We can be your external HR department so you do not have to worry about administration. It is an efficient and inexpensive way to solve your HR tasks while focusing on other business areas.

For example, we can help with:

  • Preparation of contracts, personnel manuals, additions, warnings and terminations
  • Guidance with current legislation, including the Personal Data Act
  • Guidance with negotiated employment agreements
  • Employee development interviews: planning, methodology, structure
  • Recruitment: posting, screening, interviews, tests, etc.

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Personal Data Regulation – are your ready if the Data Protection Agency comes calling?
The Personal Data Regulation is on its way, and today you cannot say HR without also saying Personal Data Regulation. Knowledge of the Personal Data Regulation is particularly important in an HR function.

When Azets’ HR consultants help you with your HR tasks, you are guaranteed that everything is done in accordance with applicable personal data laws.
On May 25, 2018, the new regulation will go into effect. If you need advice in this
regard, we have attorneys who can clearly explain exactly what, why and when.


Recruitment - find the right one
Recruitment is one of the HR tasks that the entire company is often interested in. It is about finding the right
employees. Recruitment is also a resource-consuming task that requires both time and the right tools. In close
cooperation with you, we can handle the recruitment process, from the first job posting until you have decided on
the right candidate.

Within recruitment, we can assist with:

  • Job postings
  • Candidate administration and screening
  • Interviews, assessment, testing, rejection
  • Sparring with management

Document handling
During your employees’ employment period, you as a company are required to document the various agreements and changes that involve the employees. We can prepare all the necessary documentation to ensure that you comply with regulations and legislation in this area:

  • Preparation of contracts, additions, warnings and terminations
  • Review and quality assurance of draft contracts
  • Salary adjustment letters
  • Personnel manuals and company policies

A cost-effective and flexible HR administration
It is a time-consuming and administratively heavy task to take care of the company’s HR function. Collaboration with Azets means that your fixed costs become variable - you only incur the costs when you use our help.

In return, you will always have access to the necessary HR resources as soon as the need arises. You decide whether we should handle one or more tasks and whether we should work at your office or at one of ours.

Benefits to you:

  • Your fixed HR costs become variable - you only pay when you need our help
  • You decide which and how many of your HR tasks we should help you with
  • We make sure that you are informed about legislative changes so that you do not need to keep yourself updated
  • We cover the entire spectrum within HR administration
  • You decide whether we should work at your office or at one of our own
  • We always have backup on the tasks, so you will never be vulnerable to sickness, vacation, etc.
  • You make optimal use of your resources when you let us handle the administration

“The quality of the service is extremely satisfactory. It is great that we can require high quality without having to think about training and recruitment of employees”

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