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As your professionel Danish partner we can manage your enitre HR-administration or assist with specific tasks. Grow your business in Denmark with the right human resources.

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Our HR-consultants can help you with all personnel related tasks and challenges in Denmark. Whether you are searching for the right employees, or  looking for the opportunity to outsource the HR administration, we can assist.

Security and flexibility. We will help you find the right candidates, ensure GDPR-compliance and manage all HR tasks within the Danish laws and regulation.

Outsourcing HR-administration

We can be your external HR-department. Grow your business in Denmark while we make sure that your employees are well taken care of and your company runs a professionel HR-administration.

  • Preparation of company policies, contracts, personnel manuals, warnings and terminations
  • Compliance and advisory on current Danish legislation (e.g. the new Danish Holiday Act) and GDPR
  • Advisory and management of negotiated employment agreements
  • Employee performance: interview, planning, methodology, structure etc.
  • Recruitment

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You need the right employees to grow your business in Denmark. But effective recruitment takes time and you will need to know where to look for candidates. We can help you recruit employees for accounting, payroll and HR.

With insight into the market in Denmark as well as the other Nordic countries, we can help you with the administrative recruitment process - from analysis of the job and the right candidate to arranging and participating in the job interviews. We can also help you with the legal documents to ensure your compliance with Danish employment law.

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Easycruit - your recruitment system

Recruit the right employees with a user-friendly, cloud-based recruitment solution that can integrate with your website. Candidates can easily find your company, and you can use the flexible system to effectively screen and choose candidates based on your own rankings. 

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Advisory in legal HR

We are experts in Danish employment law. Our HR-consultants can assist and advice you on all legal matters in laws of employment, tax and corporate such as:

  • The new Danish Holiday Act
  • GDPR / General Data Protection Regulation
  • Secondment - the 26% rule
  • Advice on tax matters
  • HR due diligence
  • Employment/termination
  • Personnel Law
  • National insurance conditions, work and residence permits
  • Preparation of new templates for employment contracts

Learn more on How to be an employer in Denmark

“The quality of the service is extremely satisfying. It is great that we can acquire high quality without having to think about training and recruitment of employees”

Frederiksberg Kommune

GDPR advisory 

As an employer you are required to document the various agreements and changes that involves your employees during your employees’ employment period. But it is necessary to systematize your data to comply with GDPR. For instance you must be able to:

  • Document all processes related to managing sensitive personal information
  • Document that relevant parties of management has access to specific personal data
  • Delete all personal data obtained during recruitment within 6 months

A violaton of GDPR can result in a fine that could amount to up to 4% of the company's annual revenue. 

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Interim assistance and management

Do you need a temporary or a full-time solution in HR to establish your business in Denmark? With Azets you can rent competent employees with a flexible contract. We will present you with candidates within 48 hours, and they will quickly adapt to the job requests. 

Interim HR-assistance and management provides both flexibility and transparent pricing that gives you more time to focus on growing your business in Denmark.

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In HR, we can assist with:

  • Recruitment - from job postings and candidate administration to interviews, tests and feedback to candidates
  • Managing documents (ex. contracts, personnel manuals, additions, warnings and terminations)
  • Guidance on negotiated labour agreements
  • Employee development interviews
  • And much more..

Starting up a business i Denmark?

Are you considering starting up a business in Denmark? We can assist with all matters regarding your registration and establishment, for example:

  • Registration: permanent establishment or representative office
  • Digitalisation: NemID, e-Boks and bank account
  • Accounts and corporation tax
  • The Danish labour market
  • Payroll administration, wages and social costs
  • Moving to Denmark / relocation
  • And much more....

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