When you need to terminate an employee

How do you terminate an employee in a fair and considerate manner?

It is never easy to come to the decision that an employee should be terminated. But once the decision has been taken, it is important that the termination is carried out in the right way and in accordance with the law.

In this webinar, we go over the relevant rules regarding terminations and give you some good tips and advice to take with you.

In the webinar, we review:

  • What documentation is good to have in place?
  • What legal requirements are there for a termination?
  • How do you best communicate the decision to terminate?
  • How is the period from termination until the employee actually leaves the workplace handled?
  • Is release from duty a good idea?
  • Tips and advice to get through the process in the best possible way


Lisbeth Lindorff Riis

Head of HR Legal
Lisbeth Lindorff Riis holds a Master of Laws from the Aarhus School of Business and later a Master of Laws from the University of Copenhagen. Lisbeth has many years of experience in legal advice within HR, including personal data law issues.