Parental leave in Denmark - Rules and regulation

This webinar provides a thorough insight into Denmark's parental leave rules, encompassing essential elements of the recent legislation.

We address the most important questions and offer knowledge to assist your company in efficiently managing parental leave issues.

  • What are the central aspects of Denmark's parental leave legislation?
  • How have recent amendments to the parental leave act impacted businesses and employees?
  • What are the observed challenges?
  • What do today's regulations say about the duration and flexibility of parental leave?
  • What are the guidelines for reimbursements?
  • Where can additional information and support regarding parental leave legislation be found?


Lisbeth Lindorff Riis

Head of HR Legal
Lisbeth Lindorff Riis holds a Master of Laws from the Aarhus School of Business and later a Master of Laws from the University of Copenhagen. Lisbeth has 19 years of experience in legal advice within HR, including personal data law issues.

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