New parental leave legislation in the works

New parental leave legislation in the works

The Danish Parliament is currently in the process of adopting new legislation on parental leave, which includes the introduction of earmarked leave and equal sharing of the right to parental pay. The bill had its first reading on 25 January, 2022 and is now at the committee stage. It is not yet known when the bill will have its third and final reading, but it may happen in March 2022. 

The bill is expected to be amended, in which case the new rules will come into force on 1 July, 2022; although only for children born on 2 August, 2022 or later.

Why do we need new parental leave rules?

The purpose of the new Parental Leave Act is to create greater gender equality by encouraging a more equal share of parental leave between parents.

Every parent is entitled to 24 weeks of parental pay after the child's birth or reception. In addition, it has been proposed that every parent who is an employee be entitled to 9 weeks of earmarked leave. It has been proposed that this part of the bill enter into force on 1 July, 2022.

LGBT+ families and single parents

The bill also proposes that those intending to play a parent-like role in the child's life, primarily in LGBT+ families, are given the opportunity to share in parental leave with the child. It has also been proposed that single parents be given the right to transfer parental leave with parental pay to a close family member. It has been proposed that this part of the bill enter into force on 1 December, 2023.

As soon as there is more news, we will communicate this through the blog and hold a webinar on the new legislation.


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