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Employee shares - Reporting via eKapital (eCapital)

Do you know the tax rules of reporting?

If you offer your employees to invest in employee shares, there are some special tax rules you must be aware of. The rules for reporting vary depending on whether the employee shares are allocated under the old schemes, section 16 and 28, or the new scheme under section 7P.

Let Azets handle the reporting in eKapital

If you lack the time or skills to manage the reporting, our experienced tax advisers can handle the task for you. We know all corners of the tax legislation and have extensive experience with reporting employee shares in eKapital.

All employee shares must be reported in eKapital no later than 20 January 2024.


Yearly reporting to eKapital per employee:
DKK 510

Annual startup fee:

  • If more than 10 fully taxable employees:
    DKK 6.200
  • If less than 10 fully taxable employees:
    based on time spent
  • For limited taxable employees:
    based on time spent

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