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Recruiting employees from abroad is easy

For some years now, Azets has a fruitful collaboration with the Danish relocation company Settwell placed in Frederiksberg in the center of Copenhagen.

need assistance with recruitment from abroad?

When one of Azets’ customers wants to hire an employee from abroad for work in Denmark, the procedure is clear: Azets takes care of the establishment of the Danish office/branch and makes the employment contract(s) taking care of the legal matters. When the office is registered and/or the employment contract is signed, Azets contacts Settwell through a formalized form to fill in for various services.

When the Dutch employer came to Denmark

In this special case, a well-established Dutch company wanted to open a filial of their business in Copenhagen. Azets handled the opening of the Danish office, delivered the company registration number, and took care of the paperwork until the Danish office was ready.

In the meantime, Azets made the employment contract for the Dutch employee to work in the Danish office. Azets arranged Skype meetings to explain both the Dutch company and their employee to be hired in Denmark how the procedures are in Denmark.

When the employment contract was signed, Settwell relocation was contacted and a competent counselor was appointed to this job.  Work and stay documents were filled in and the Settwell counselor contacted the Dutch employee to clarify his needs. In this case, he needed a temporary stay for himself, his wife and dog until a permanent residence could be found.

A long queue at the registration counter

Unfortunately, at this time when the Dutch employee reached Denmark was exactly the same time where all foreign students need their stay documents and Danish ID registration nos. ( in order to study in Copenhagen. So there was a long queue to get the Danish ID no., which is needed for opening a bank account and do further registrations in Denmark.

However, due to Settwell’s proactive way of working, new documents were made and sent to the Danish immigration services, and short time after the employee’s arrival to Denmark the was ready.

After Settwell had assisted in registration with the local authorities, had opened a bank account for the employee and made an introduction to the Danish health care and social security system, Azets could do the payroll with the correct taxation.

As the Dutch employee brought both wife and dog, he could enjoy Settwell’s special attention to the accompanying spouse and assistance with the import of pets.

Finally, the employment of the Dutch employee gave the possibility to apply for the special Danish tax reduction scheme, which Azets arranged for immediately after the arrival to Denmark.

Due to this smooth collaboration with Settwell Relocation recruiting from abroad is easy.

Statement from the customer

If I have to describe the approach of Azets: transparent agreements, flexibility and a lot of knowledge about payroll processes and tax regulation are the most important foundations of their excellent service”.

Henk-Peter van Schaik, Fruition Partners B.V.

need assistance with recruitment from abroad?


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